A beautiful surprise gender home water birth in Tempe, Arizona.

It was around 9pm when mom and I were texting back and forth. Chatting all things birth, going into her desires and wishes for her dream birth, that was soon to unfold before her. Mom let me know she was getting in the bath tub for some hot water relief for her contractions, I told her to enjoy and keep me updated.

Not long after that, may 10pm, I got another text, *insert photo of timed contractions*, I let mom to let her doula know and that I would head her way.

I soon arrived around 10:50 pm and I quietly and non existingly came into a beautiful modern farmhouse with touches of life everywhere. Fresh chicken eggs, little barbie dolls, toy houses and the smallest shoes.

As I unpacked my camera and assessed the birth space, I noticed mom was getting into the birth tub with her midwife and husband in hand.

Ahhhh, what a relief she felt! The warm water wrapping her baby and body, the supportive hands and loving affirmations.

Mom was laboring beautifully in the birth tub, her doula finally arrived and mom had even more hands to support her with. Things were really beginning to pick up as mom entered transition. Her midwife calmly climbed into the birth tub and gave her sacral and hip pressure, allowing mom to move and be in-tune with her body.